Since its creation in 1904, Ratier-Figeac has made its mark in history as one of the pioneers of French and European aviation. The company has established its reputation and its growth in aeronautical development for more than a century to become a global leader in the field of high power propellers and a leading equipment manufacturer for all major customers and aircraft manufacturers.

Our development strategy is founded on innovation and driven by a comprehensive industrial research and development program.

Our aim is to provide complete Customer satisfaction. We are committed to a continuous improvement initiative through Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) programs with our suppliers and partners, to achieve optimum performance worldwide. Our teams are heavily involved in Ratier-Figeac’s program of Excellence.

Ratier-Figeac is part of the Collins Aerospace group.  

Jean-François Chanut, CEO

Located in Figeac, France, Ratier-Figeac works in partnership with Collins Aerospace to design and manufacture complete propeller systems for civil turboprop aircraft, in particular for ATR, Bombardier, EADS, CASA and XAC, and for military applications with the most advanced 8-blade composite propellers used on the US Navy’s E2 and Airbus Defense & Space’s A400M.

In addition to its propeller expertise, Ratier-Figeac is global leader in cockpit equipment (mini-sticks, rudder pedals, throttle levers) and cabin equipment (door dampers, propeller and rotor brakes). Ratier-Figeac also offers a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of horizontal stabilizer actuator systems and a high level of expertise in the machining of critical parts for helicopters.


Turnover 2021


Employees at the Figeac industrial site, end of december 2021


Gender and Equality Index calculated in 2022 on 2021 data

Salary gaps : 39/40

Gaps in promotion rates : 20/20

Gaps in wage increases : 15/15

salary increase upon return from maternity leave : 15/15

Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the ten employees who received the best remunerations : 0/10