Our commitments


Ratier-Figeac has set up a recognized Quality system through its certifications and approvals from its main customers, but also from the Authorities and Certifiers. 

Continuous Improvement program, through its processes, allows the improvement of the company's business and customers needs, while incorporating not only its customers, authorities and shareholders' quality requirements, but also requirements in terms of environment and safety, delivery and financial performance. 

Will is to bring each employee and supplier of the company to be actively involved in this process of improvement. The full mobilization of its staff and the development of skills and techniques allow to increase security and performance of products in order to fully satisfy its customers.


Whatever the country, respect of ethics is a major concern in our Group and company. Every employee must comply with UTC Code of Ethics.



Ratier-Figeac has the will to guarantee health and safety to each of its staff member and partners. The Company, managing its industrial activities, brings into operation a controlling and preventive physical or psychosocial risk policy and a progressive reduction of any source of environmental impact to follow its intent. To do so, Ratier-Figeac maintains an organisation to manage Environmental, Health and Safety aspects.

The Environment, Health and Safety policy goals are not limited to get standard to the regulations in force. It also includes the respect of Hamilton Sundstrand’s directives and the compliance with the recognized worldwide ISO14001 (Environment) and OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) standards.

Ratier-Figeac will aim at maintaining, on one hand, ISO and OHSAS certifications by independant audit organization, and on another hand, the recognition of a minimum level of 80 on a 100 scale by a UTC multidisciplinary team through an Assurance Review (which goal is to check the compliance with EHS UTC and HS standard practices). 

Indeed, for Ratier-Figeac, working in full safety and protecting the environment are major concerns.

For this, it will attend to the implementation of the best techniques available on the market, in order to ensure a secure and more and more environment respectful operating.

EH&S policy must be understood and shared at each level of the company. The whole of the staff must be made aware and trained, and each employee must feel actor of this step : she/he must play an important part in the improvement of our achievement as regards Environnement, Health and Safety, not only by observing the procedures but also by recommending new innovating practices when they seem suitable.

In fact, this policy is integrated in our step of ongoing improvement (ACE), in particular with self-inspections, audits, risk assessments and corrective and preventive actions.

Working under highest safety standards, respecting the Environment, minimizing air emissions, reducing each kind of waste and particularly non-recyclable waste, are concerns which must be shared by each one of us.



RATIER-FIGEAC Environment, Health and Safety involvement has been demonstrated in June 2010 by ISO14001 (Environment Management, Waste production, Air emissions and Water/Energy consumptions  reduction) and OHSAS18001 (Health, Safety and Working conditions improvement) certifications.