With a history spanning more than 100 years, Ratier-Figeac is directly located in the French and global aeronautical landscape. 


Since its creation in 1904, Ratier-Figeac has been part of the history of French and European aviation pioneers. The company has built its reputation and growth over more than a century of aeronautical evolution to be today the world leader in the field of high power propellers and leading equipment manufacturer for all major contractors and aircraft manufacturers.

Innovation is the foundation of our development strategy through a comprehensive programme of research and industrial developments.

Since its creation in 1904, Ratier-Figeac has made its mark in history as one of the pioneers of French and European aviation. The company has established its reputation and its growth in aeronautical development for more than a century to become a global leader in the field of high power propellers and a leading equipment manufacturer for all major customers and aircraft manufacturers. Our development strategy is founded on innovation and driven by a comprehensive industrial research and development program. Our aim is to provide complete Customer satisfaction. We are committed to a continuous improvement initiative through Customer Oriented Results an Excellence (CORE) programs with our suppliers and partners, to achieve optimum performance worldwide. Our teams are heavily involved in Ratier-Figeac’s program of Excellence.

Ratier-Figeac is part of the Collins Aerospace group.

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Propeller Systems


Ratier Figeac - France

Ratier-Figeac is the decision center of Propeller Systems, which is composed of the 3 industrial sites. The 57000 m2 Figeac site houses the Technical, Operations and all support functions. Ratier-Figeac represents nearly 1400 employees.


Windsor-Locks - USA

Windsor-Locks is an American antenna. Propeller manufacturer for over 100 years and has an industrial site of 1700 m2, dedicated to Propeller Systems. Its business focuses on the Technical, Operations and Support divisions. This branch has 90 employees


RFM, Casablanca - Marocco

Site opened in 2012, of more than 5300 m2. Its activity is based on operational with nearly 120 employees.

Our Vision

Our Values

In our opinion, these are the fundamental principles that govern our company’s approach to work, the conditions for collaboration between colleagues and the well-being of employees.

Our Environmental Policy

The environment is now a cause that all socio-economic actors must embrace. As a major company in its industry, our goal is to be a leader in the field.

Our Commitments

Ratier-Figeac is committed to all areas of competence. From quality, ethics, EHS and our certifications.


* Index égalité H/F 2022 publié en 2023 : 89/100

– Ecart de rémunération : 39/40

– Ecart d’augmentation individuelle : 20/20

– Ecart de promotion : 15/15 

– % de salariés augmentées au retour d’un congé maternité : 15/15 

– Nombre de salariés du sexe sous représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations : 0/10

Ecart de représentation entre H/F dans les postes de direction :

– Cadres dirigeants : Femmes : 0% / Hommes : 100 %

– Instances dirigeantes : Femmes : 9% / Hommes : 91 %