Our values


We are all committed to complying with UTC’s code of ethics.

We act in compliance with the most stringent standards in everything we do.

We achieve our commercial targets on merit alone, and demand the same of our commercial partners.

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as our code of ethics and all policies in force.

We do the right thing even when this proves difficult, and particularly in the absence of witnesses.


We honor our commitments.

Our business relationships are built on trust within Ratier-Figeac, within the wider Collins Aerospace community, as well as with our partner customers, suppliers and service providers.

Trust is a fundamental value of our company that is essential in building sincere and lasting relationships.



As a high-performance company, we are committed to providing results. We keep the promises we make to our customers, our shareholders and to the community in terms of operational, financial, environmental and safety-related performance.

We strive to be the best in all of our activities. We evaluate our performance in the same way that our customers evaluate our performance, and we continue to develop our technologies, processes and services in order to maximize the value they bring to our customers.

Our common operational system, Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE), enables us to rise to the greatest challenges, come up with innovative solutions and exploit common processes to reinforce efficiency within our company.


We treat every employee, customer, commercial partner, and competitor with respect.

We adopt an internal policy that promotes diversity and inclusion.

We work in strict collaboration with our colleagues, our customers, and our commercial partners.


We promote a proactive policy in terms of innovation, investing in particular in human and material resources, in the Research & Technology domain.

We value our employees and develop their skills and their creativity.

We welcome new ideas and improvement opportunities.

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