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As equipment manufacturer/designer, RATIER-FIGEAC commits itself to support and serve customers throughout its products life.

RATIER-FIGEAC guarantees to meet customers’ needs by providing worldwide AOG, Spares, Repair and Technical Support services (please refer to the map).

 Customer Support contacts:

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Repair and Overhaul

Thanks to its design & manufacturing know-how, RATIER-FIGEAC is also proposing repair services in a dedicated shop within its facilities.

The quality performance and the excellent repair cycles remain the main objectives of  this activity.

Several International Agreements allow RATIER-FIGEAC to propose Repair services throughout the world; RATIER-FIGEAC is therefore recognized as a major Repair Centre.

Repair capability list 

Propeller Repair Center
Full repair capability offer to worldwide Customers for all Ratier-Figeac / Hamilton Sundstrand propellers. 

Cockpit & Cabin Repair Center 

Cockpit Controls shop

Door Damper testing after repair

Helicopter parts Repair Center 

NDT inspection on helicopter rotor shaft 

Helicopter parts shop

Design Subcontracting

Part of its services, Ratier-Figeac has also 40 years experience in design subcontracting. This activity is focused on research, development and serial phase engineering support for all products in synergy  with our core activities. Other proficiency is mechanical system integration we capitalized on all Airbus programs. 

Key interests of the design subcontracting activity are:

  • direct link with Airframers
  • market confrontation
  • strenghtening of partnership with our Suppliers
  • use of avdvanced tools and process towards continuous improvement and evolution of our own tools and process

The company is developping its desing subcontracting business with major Customers: Airbus,Stelia and Airbus Helicopters.

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