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Ratier-Figeac is a leading supplier of propeller systems for turboprop powered aircraft in the world. Our propeller business began in the early 1900's. Today UTC Aerospace Systems develops, certifies, manufactures and supports large composite propellers for a wide range
of engines from 2,000 SHP to 11,000 SHP, for all major turboprops through a wide Commercial and Military Customer base:  U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, French and German Air Force, ATR, Xian, Airbus Defense & Space, Bombardier.

More than 350 operators worldwide are using our Propellers. The key products in service are the 4 bladed 247F Propeller on MA60, the 6 blades 568F fitted on ATR42/72, C295 and IL114, the 8 bladed NP2000 fitted on Grumman E2-Hawkeye and C2-Greyhound, and the 8 bladed 11 000 SHP FH386 propeller on A400M aircraft.

Within UTC Aerospace Systems, RATIER-FIGEAC is currently the Production Center of Excellence and manufactures the key components of the propeller systems including the blades and hubs. An integrated engineering team performs system design, integration and testing of the complete systems. Ratier-Figeac is leading all European Propeller System Programs.

Our propeller technology has progressed through the years to current state of the art use of composite blades, digital controls, and individual blade replacement systems. We have recently fielded the new eight bladed NP2000 propeller system on the US Navy’s E-2C and C-130 aircraft and we are developing the A400M transport 17 ft diameter, 10,700 SHP propeller system.


NP2000 Propellers on wing of LC130 



 568F propelling ATR Turboprop


A400M aircraft with FH386 propellers ( 17 ft diameter, 11,000 SHP)